the plot thickens with the metamovie

Play a role in a live, feature-length cinematic VR experience!


New York – August 27th 2020

Get lost in the story like never before, by starring in a feature length cinematic VR experience

The MetaMovie presents; Alien Rescue, an innovative project conceived by Jason Moore, in which the user embodies the starring role in a LIVE-performed Virtual Reality cinematic adventure. The project has been selected by the Venice International Film Festival that takes place online from September 2 till 12.

The MetaMovie project is an ongoing series of experiments exploring immersive, interactive storytelling inside the virtual reality metaverse. It combines cinema, video games, interactive theater, and role playing activities like D&D to create an entirely new way to experience a story: from the inside. In a MetaMovie you don’t just watch the story, you’re part of it.

As ‘the Hero’ you are the lead player. Your co-stars are played by live actors who lead you on an immersive and cinematic adventure and you have the agency to do or say what you want, and even affect the outcome of the story. Curious, but not exactly a hero? Experience the story as an ‘Eyebot’ without needing to interact with the other characters.

The world of live immersive work is upcoming. The Venice International Film Festival selected three of these projects for this year's VR Expanded edition. Besides the fact that these experiences offer consumers live entertainment from the comfort of their own home, it also creates job opportunities for actors all over the world. Something that’s more relevant than ever since we’re dealing with COVID-19.

Official partners of The MetaMovie are WeMakeVR and Neos. WeMakeVR is an expert in the field of immersive technologies and has been creating their own projects since 2013. Now the company is coaching the MetaMovie team on the business side of things with the goal to bring this new way of storytelling to the next level. Neos is the platform behind the MetaMovies and creates the metaverse and the tech to make it all possible. Karel Hulec, CEO of Neos about the Venice selection:

“The Metamovie at the Venice Biennale festival is exciting beyond words. It may actually be now doing what history will see as the beginning of a brand new interactive movie entertainment industry.”

Karel Hulec, CEO Neos